Genesis Aluminum Triptych 48 x 60






Pine Branch 36"x36"

EVO 48 x 20 Aluminum panel




















Metal Art Way
Wall Sculpture

3D Metal Sculptures With
Heat-Treated Steel and
Airbrushed Elements

Our unique, layered approach to Metal Art Way sculpture, incorporates thematic scenes
on geometric forms with lovely airbrushed embellishments. At left, is an airbrushed duck flying out of cattails in a circular pond scene with heat-treated steel elements. Dolphin lovers will marvel at the detailed unique painting on the illuminated oval with dolphins swimming outward. From deep sea underwater scenes to forest, mountain, animal and celestial compositions. Our fine sculptures
make lovely additons to your home decor.



20 x 48" Aluminum Art Panel "The Wave"
Click on the above panel art to see more like it on the Celestial page.
Aluminum panel art is hightly reflective and takes on the colors of the surrounding location.